Adult Orthodontics Explained

Many adults find that instead of keeping up to date with their regular dental checkups and annual appointments, their teeth have become their last priority. Many do not go to the dentist until they are in tremendous pain, have terrible toothache or gum sensitivity. This means that they will almost definitely need dental fillings, dental bridges, dental crowns or oral surgery, when this costly exercise could potentially have been avoided. It is important to choose the right, reliable dentist that is local and trustworthy and, for those in Queensland, Ipswich Family Dental Practice is your go-to dental team. Avoid nasty toothaches today and explore your options when it comes to adult orthodontics. With the patient-centric professionals at Ipswich Family Dental, the dentist doesn’t have to be scary anymore!


Have You Left Your Teeth Unattended?

Did you know that most dentists advise their patients to see them every six months? This is common knowledge to some but, to others, it may come as a shock. If you leave your dental checkups for too long, then when you do go back, the dentist will be associated with tooth and mouth pain, invasive surgery and can even become a costly endeavour. This does not have to be the case!


Regular dental checkups, professional cleaning and advanced teeth whitening or teeth straightening options can catch any nasties early on. Your dentist can advise you on a proper oral hygiene routine. Make an appointment today at the dental practice that is prepared to work alongside you and your whole family for many years to come.


Teeth Straightening Options

We understand that you may not want to be seen with metal wires and brackets in your mouth. It may be an unconventional look for your job, you may simply feel uncomfortable having metal in your mouth or you may feel embarrassed to explore adult orthodontics options at all. Luckily, orthodontics and braces have evolved over the past few decades and now we can straighten your teeth with braces that are barely visible! Thanks to our partners at Invisalign, we can now use advanced technology and have clear aligners made that straighten your teeth without braces! These clear aligners are hardly visible and, unlike braces, they require minimal effort to maintain.


General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry

Ipswich Family Dental Practice offers all the standard services in general dentistry, including dental fillings, wisdom tooth surgery, children’s dental and more. Our team are available for emergency dental services for when there’s an emergency with your or a family member’s teeth, and we offer cosmetic and rehabilitative dental services as well. This includes braces, Invisalign, veneers, dental bridges and dental crowns.


Learn more about our available services at Ipswich Family Dental Practice in Queensland and book in an appointment online now. Alternatively, give our Ipswich or Brassall clinics a call, and we can walk you through your adult orthodontic options.

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