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Highly Effective Cosmetic Teeth Whitening in Australia

Are stained or yellowed teeth affecting your confidence? Using safe, effective and affordable teeth whitening methods, Ipswich Family Dental has made it easier than ever to lighten the shade of your teeth. Contact our dental team today for a precise diagnosis, state-of-the-art cosmetic teeth whitening services, and dental care advice that keeps your teeth looking brighter for longer!

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What Causes Tooth Staining?

No matter how careful you are about your dental health, your teeth can lose their shine for a variety of reasons. Substances such as wine, coffee, tobacco and even certain medications can cause the enamel to become stained over time.

Extrinsic Staining

Extrinsic stains appear on the outside surface of a tooth. These stains are commonly caused by tea, coffee, tobacco and red wine. This type of staining can be reduced with regular brushing or a professional teeth whitening procedure.

Intrinsic Staining

Intrinsic staining occurs on the inside of a tooth and is often caused by certain medications, blood on the inside caused by traumatic injury or root canal treatment.

Types Of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Procedures

In-Chair Teeth Whitening

At Ipswich Family Dental, we provide highly effective teeth whitening services that deliver results in just one visit. Our dentists use safe and long-lasting whitening agents that lighten the shade of your teeth while keeping them completely protected.

Take-home Teeth Whitening Kits

A take-home teeth whitening kit provided by a dental expert contains custom made plastic trays and a specific amount of whitening gel to be placed inside the tray before use. Although these kits take longer to achieve the desired whitening results, they are convenient, with trays that fit perfectly over your teeth, and do not require patients to repeatedly visit the dentist.

Bleaching the Inside of a Tooth

For teeth that are severely stained due to injury or root canal treatment, dentists use a whitening agent that is placed in the middle of the tooth where the dental nerve once was. The agent is left  in the tooth for a few days before the cavity is cleaned out and repaired using a tooth filling.

Safe and Effective Teeth Whitening in Australia

With just a few visits to our clinic, you can achieve the sparkling, bright smile you’ve always wanted! Contact Ipswich Family Dental today for the very best cosmetic teeth whitening services in Queensland.

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