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Skilled and Experienced Emergency Dentist in Ipswich, QLD

As urgent dental care experts, Ipswich Family Dental knows all too well that a dental emergency can occur at any time. If you or a family member is experiencing severe toothache, has suffered traumatic injury or has a dental abscess, contact our dental professionals today.

skilled and experienced dentist in Ipswich QLD

Urgent Dental Situations

Discussed below are the most common dental emergencies that we encounter. If you experience a dental emergency that isn’t outlined below, feel free to call our clinic to book an appointment.

Broken Teeth

If you or a loved one has been through a traumatic accident that has caused teeth to break, chip or crack, contact an Ipswich emergency dentist immediately. Broken or cracked teeth can often be reattached by a dentist, so make sure the tooth is clean, rinse it in milk or contact lens solution and if possible, replant the tooth and bite down on a cloth to hold it in place until an emergency dentist can see you.

Traumatic Injury to Teeth

Not all traumatic injuries to the teeth cause visible damage. If you have sustained a heavy impact to the jaw, there is a possibility that it has caused damage to the nerves, teeth or gums. Ipswich Family Dental recommends seeing an emergency dentist who can perform a thorough examination of the mouth to identify any potential problems.

Severe Toothache

A severe toothache is best characterised as excruciating, unbearable pain or persistent throbbing. If you experience debilitating toothache, you may need emergency dental care right away. If your symptoms do not improve with over-the-counter pain medication, contact us today to address the underlying causes of the pain.

Dental Emergencies for Children

Ipswich Family Dental is a patient-focused clinic where the patient’s comfort and well-being is of the utmost importance. That is why we are the most trusted Ipswich emergency dentist for kids. Our team has the training and experience to work with children who are emotionally distressed and anxious.

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Ipswich Emergency Dentist for Broken Tooth

Ipswich Family Dental provides patients of all ages with a wide range of urgent dental procedures such as pain relief, tooth extraction and restorations. We are fully equipped and prepared to handle dental emergencies even outwith office hours, so you can rest assured that a dental professional is always on hand. Contact us today with your dental emergency.

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If you’re experiencing one of many dental emergencies or simply need urgent care, make sure to call us immediately on 3281 1781. We’re here to help. Always.