Dental checkups in Ipswich

Dental checkups and comprehensive treatment plan

Did you know that the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy is through regular dental checkups?

Did you know that Ipswich Family Dental runs a Six Monthly Recall Program to ensure you’re on top of your hygiene and maintenance appointments?

We’re here to keep your family smiling and healthy

Our focus is always on you and your family’s oral health and wellbeing. Through continued commitment to ongoing dental care and checkups, we’re able to identify any problems before they cause significant harm, pain or risk. Our high level of dental care and quality of treatment will give you the peace of mind you deserve that your family is being taken care of.

Regular dental checkups for ongoing health

Having regular, scheduled dental checkups is the key to ensuring your long term oral health and wellbeing. In addition to providing our team with an opportunity to periodically clean and maintain your teeth, having regular examinations and consultations will allow us to detect any problems as early as possible.

The earlier we detect any issues, the better positioned we are to prevent additional teeth or gum disease complications. When oral health problems go unidentified or untreated, you risk bigger, more painful and harder-to-fix issues developing down the road.

Clean and scales

Our dentists also provide maintenance teeth cleaning during your routine checkup exam. This includes removing any build-ups of problematic plaque and tartar, and general hygiene upkeep.

Not only does plaque and tartar cause bad breath and ugly teeth staining, it can also develop into more serious health problems down the road if not taken care of.

Treatment plans

We’re not just in your corner when you’re in our clinic. Your Ipswich Family Dental dentist will work with you to create a comprehensive yet customised treatment plan to ensure your ongoing health and wellbeing. This might include habits and strategies for keeping your smile clean and mouth fresh, or may involve the suggestion of additional in-clinic treatments to prevent smaller issues snowballing into bigger ones.

Experts in children’s dentistry

As a family-first dental clinic, we know that some children experience fear or anxiety about going to the dentist. Our warm, welcoming and relaxed environment, coupled with our friendly dentists, will ensure your child feels safe, secure and in control throughout their visit.

Ongoing dental maintenance and checkups are especially important for children. Good habits learned early are the best way to protect your loved ones from complicated problems in the future.

How many dental checkups do you need?

Here at Ipswich Family Dental, we recommend two checkups every year. By coming in to see us once every six months, we’re best able to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and maintain your beautiful smile.

If further treatments or dental therapy is needed, we’ll discuss options available to you in a friendly, no-pressure way.

Remember: maintaining oral and dental health is about more than just checkups. Make sure you regularly brush and floss as well.

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