Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry for the 21st century

Ipswich Family Dental provides complete and best practice dental services for the whole family. Our digital dentistry services use the latest technologies, techniques and equipment to ensure you’re receiving the best possible dental treatment and solutions.

Inhouse 3D imaging

Our 3D imaging capabilities allow us to take digital impressions of your teeth and mouth right here in our clinic. That way we’re able to cut down on the time and costs of a variety of dental treatments and pass those savings on to you.

Surgical guides

Our 3D dental printing services help our dentists to provide best quality surgery. With our 3D surgical guides we can ensure precise, effective treatments for the full range of dental requirements.

Logo of digital impressions

Digital impressions

Whether it’s for a crown, dental bridge, clear orthodontic aligners, splints or dentures, our digital impressions allow us to use the latest digital dentistry to benefit your health and smile.

Understanding digital dentistry

Digital dentistry refers to the use of various technologies, machinery and devices that are based on computer or digital components. Instead of relying on the mechanical and/or electrical procedures used by dentists in years gone by, digital techniques allow us to do more, to do it better, and to do it quicker for you.

Ipswich Family Dental’s digital dentistry capability helps ensure efficient, effective treatment for the whole family.


There are numerous benefits to using digital dentistry, including but not limited to:

Using digital radiography, X-rays and imaging technologies, our team can ensure accurate dental condition diagnoses and provide effective and precise treatments.

Much of what we used to outsource to external laboratories can now be done by our team in our clinic. This means we can turnaround scans and moulds far more quickly and help us shave down costs by doing the work ourselves. What does this mean for you? Quicker results with a lower price tag.

Digital equipment and techniques also allow our patients to experience a far superior level of comfort during procedures. Everything from impressions to scans can be achieved using faster, less uncomfortable and less clunky ways.

Our digital dentistry imaging and records means that we can better communicate, consult and collaborate with other specialists, dental laboratories and experts. At Ipswich Family Dental, we spare no effort or expense providing you with the very best in care and our digital dental work is just another way in which we are doing just that.

We’re living in a world that’s constantly changing, evolving and developing in terms of technology. By staying abreast of the latest breakthroughs in the dental world, we ensure that our team is continuously improving their skills, widening their experience and using the very latest technologies, techniques and devices.

Experience digital dentistry with a personal touch

While we love using the latest and greatest of digital technology, we do it all to best serve our patients and their families. Whether you’re a patient of ours already, looking for a new dentist or just curious about our we can use digital dentistry to help you smile, book a 30-minute consultation with us today.