Custom-fitted mouthguards to protect your teeth

At Ipswich Family Dental, we believe in providing families with comprehensive dental services and our custom-fitted mouthguards are part of that commitment.

Playing sports is very important for health and fitness, especially when it comes to growing and developing children. However, injuries and trauma to teeth is a significant risk. That’s where Ipswich Family Dental and our custom-fitted mouthguards come in.

Enjoy protection and comfort

A custom-fitted mouthguard provides you or your child’s teeth with superior protection and increased comfort compared with generic mouthguards.

Why settle for ill-fitting, cookie-cutter mouthguards when an affordable, personalised fabrication is available from our team?

There’s no need to be concerned about the mouthguard moving, slipping or inhibiting your ability to communicate or breathe. Our custom guards are designed to enable athletes to perform at their best.

Getting mouthguards from Ipswich Family Dental

If you’re interested in getting a custom fabricated mouthguard for you or your child, make sure to book an appointment with our team.

We’ll take a dental impression of your teeth so that you can produce a tailored appliance that is uniquely designed and produced to the contours, shape and size of your teeth. By using a model of your mouth, we can ensure the mouthguard will fit perfectly, work optimally and feel as comfortable as possible.

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5 reasons to invest in a mouthguard

If you or your child is playing sports, there are multiple reasons why it’s worth investing in teeth protection.

A professionally made mouthguard, like the ones here at Ipswich Family Dental, helps to cushion the teeth against trauma and impact. This will reduce the likelihood of serious damage and protect your mouth.

Sport doesn’t just pose a risk to your teeth, but your jaw joints as well. The joints that help keep your jaw in place and working are susceptible to serious damage as a result of sport-related trauma and impact. A mouthguard helps to reduce the pressure and protect the vulnerable joints.

The soft tissue of your mouth, also referred to as gum, helps keep your teeth in place. Damage through sport-inflicted impact and trauma, can cause serious damage to your teeth.

Did you know that mouthguards also help to prevent neck and jaw injuries? Through the absorption of impact and pressure, it helps to soften the blow of traumatic injury not just in your mouth but in your jaw and down your neck also.

Concussion is a serious risk, especially in contact sport. One way of reducing the likelihood of you or your child being concussed is through the use of a mouthguard. While concussion will remain a risk, mouthguards have proven to offer some protection and resistance.

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