Wisdom tooth removal in Ipswich QLD

Wisdom tooth removal in a safe, comforting environment

Ipswich Family Dental is dedicated to providing you and your family with comprehensive and complete dental services, including wisdom teeth removal.

What are wisdom teeth?

Your wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth that erupt through your gums and into your mouth. Wisdom teeth are located at the back of the mouth. The most common arrangement is for adults to have two teeth in the bottom and two at the top.

comprehensive and complete wisdom dental treatments in Ipswich QLD
wisdom tooth removal in a safe, comforting environment

How does wisdom teeth removal work?

We pride ourselves on offering our patients a truly complete solution for managing the removal of wisdom teeth, as well as a host of other complex dental surgeries.

With lists at both St Andrews Hospital and Ipswich Day Hospital, we’re the only local dental clinic in the area offering such comprehensive services.

This means that we are able to conduct teeth removals under both a local and general anaesthetic.

Teeth removal can be done at our survey using our in-house facilities under a local anaesthetic.

Depending on your particular needs, preferences and situations, our dentists may recommend a general anaesthetic at a hospital or a local anaesthetic right here in our clinic.

Why do wisdom teeth need to be removed?

There are a few reasons why your wisdom teeth may need to be extracted. When you come in to see our dentists, we’ll go through all the reasons and outline the entire process to ensure you enjoy complete peace of mind.

Susceptibility to decay

If your wisdom teeth are positioned so far back in the mouth that keeping them clean is extraordinarily difficult, your teeth may be particularly prone to decay. This risks more significant oral health complications down the line.

Lack of space

Many adults’ mouths simply do not have enough room to accommodate the extra space required by wisdom teeth. If left, these teeth can become impacted and only erupt (i.e. come through the gums) partially or not at all. This can cause significant pain.


If the naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth makes its way down to impacted wisdom teeth that cannot erupt it can cause infection in the surrounding teeth and/or bone.


Impacted wisdom teeth can cause significant harm to the surrounding bone, adjacent teeth or tooth roots if left unattended and not extracted.

Pressure damage

Constant and unrelenting pressure caused by impacted wisdom teeth can cause other teeth to become damaged. While you might not feel any pain at the moment, sometimes pretty serious damage can occur before you even notice it.

Move teeth

In some instances your wisdom teeth can cause your other teeth to be pushed out of line with or without damaging it. This may cause further orthodontic treatment to be corrected.

Book an appointment for your wisdom teeth

If you’re experiencing pain or are just concerned about your wisdom teeth being impacted, make sure to speak to our team today or book yourself a quick 30-minute consultation with one of our friendly, helpful specialists. It’s the wise thing to do!