Can my Dentist Help my Snoring?

When it comes to snoring, any number of things may be the cause. The most common reason is a blocked nose and most of us will occasionally wheeze, whistle or snore when we have a cold. However, this kind of snoring is usually temporary and just goes away when the infection clears up. For many people, snoring is a more permanent problem and is caused by some kind of obstruction to the airways. Luckily, with modern technology, your family dentist can help with snoring treatments and advice when it comes to sleep apnoea. Contact the team here at Ipswich Family Dental Practice and learn more about our Snoring Treatment options.


Sleep Apnoea Treatment & Snoring Treatment

Unfortunately, sleep apnoea is most commonly caused by being overweight or having sinus and oral issues that mean your airways are obstructed when you are breathing while you sleep. This can be a scary concept leading to poor sleep for you and, for your romantic partner, can become irritating and inconvenient. There are, however, a few oral appliances and treatments that can be used and implemented to aid in sleep apnoea and your oral surgeon can advise you which may be best for you.


How Your Family Dentist Can Help You

Your local go-to family dental practice can help you when it comes to seeking snoring treatments and a good oral surgeon is who you want to speak to when seeking answers. Here at Ipswich Family Dental Practice, our oral surgeons in Ipswich and Brassall are equipped with a number of snoring and sleep apnoea solutions that can help to improve your nightly rest.


Oral Appliance Therapy & The Mandibular Advancement Splint

The oral surgeons and dental professionals at Ipswich Family Dental are experts in Oral Appliance Therapy. Oral Appliance Therapy, or OAT, is a treatment method for snoring and sleep apnoea. It involves wearing a removable oral appliance in your mouth when you sleep. Oral Appliance Therapy is used most commonly in conjunction with the Mandibular Advancement Splint, or MAS device. MAS devices have a high success rate in reducing both snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea. They are the more comfortable alternative, when compared to other devices including the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines. These MAS devices are optimised to give you a peaceful and refreshing night’s sleep and can be an effective snoring treatment for many. If these devices are not quite working for you, other things you can do to combat snoring is to lose excess weight or consider oral surgery on the affected area.


To treat your sleep apnoea or discuss your snoring problems, make an appointment online today with Ipswich Family Dental Practice in Ipswich or Brassall. We are the local family dentist who are proud to cater to the whole family.

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