Children’s Dental Check Ups

At Ipswich Family Dental Practice, we specialise in children’s dentistry. We are here to guide you through your child’s first visit, through the growth of their adult teeth, and beyond. We aim to provide excellent oral health care along with education on how to keep their teeth in perfect condition.


The First Check Up

It’s hard to predict when your child’s teeth will begin to develop, but the first tooth is expected to appear at between 6 and 10 months. Dentists recommend the first check up as soon as a tooth erupts, or no later than your child’s first birthday.


Positive Experience

A visit to the dentist should be a positive experience for a child. At Ipswich Family Dental, we aim to build a trusting relationship with our young patients to make sure they feel completely comfortable during checkups and procedures. If you have any nervousness around dental visits, then be sure not to pass this onto your children – be positive about it and explain the importance of looking after teeth and having regular check-ups. A dental visit can be an interesting learning experience for your child, so try to encourage this journey of discovery!


Care at Home

As well as arranging regular checkups for your children, it’s important to encourage a good oral health routine at home. Let them learn to brush their teeth by watching you and practising together. Talk to your family about which foods and drinks are good or bad for your teeth, and encourage healthy snacking.


Regular Visits

From the first appointment, most dentists will generally recommend a check-up every 6 months in order to monitor growth and prevent any oral health issues. Your Ipswich family dentist will give you an exact time based on your child’s personal situation.


Growing Up

As your child develops adult teeth, they may begin to need some extra care. Sealants can be a great way of preventing cavities – they protect the chewing surfaces of the teeth from damage and decay, lasting for many years. It’s not uncommon for children to need fillings, so don’t be too concerned if a cavity does develop. Just make sure you monitor their oral health routine and diet so you know you’re doing everything you can to prevent them. Later on, your dentist might recommend braces or other orthodontic treatments.

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