Crowns and Bridges – What’s the Difference?

Modern cosmetic dentistry can help you improve your smile quickly, comfortably and affordably.  Whether you’re concerned about chipped, broken or missing teeth, today’s advanced dentistry techniques can create a completely natural-looking smile using dental crowns or bridges.

Are you unsure what the difference is between crowns and bridges for your teeth? Read on to learn more about these two dental techniques and find out which option is right for you.

Dental Crowns – Repairing Damaged or Broken Teeth

Dental crowns are an ideal way to restore and repair broken or damaged teeth, creating a new and improved smile. They are often used when the work required is quite significant and cannot be addressed by porcelain veneers, which are generally thinner in contrast. Crowns require more of the tooth structure to be removed during preparation but can provide the same aesthetically pleasing result as veneers.

Dental crowns are also used to effectively strengthen and protect teeth that have become decayed, weakened, or compromised by large fillings or root canal treatments. A skilled dentist will fit your new crown over the remaining part of your tooth, improving its shape and appearance. This both strengthens and protects the natural tooth.

In this way, crowns can be considered cosmetic dentistry as well as restorative.

Dental Bridges – Replacing Missing Teeth

Bridges also offer both cosmetic and restorative dental work. While crowns are mainly used to restore damaged teeth, bridges can be used to replace teeth that are completely missing.

This dental technique effectively “bridges the gap” that missing teeth create in your smile. Crowns will be placed over the natural teeth that are on either side of your gap, acting as anchors. A false tooth is then fitted into the gap, supported by the natural teeth and crowns either side.

This treatment is a minimally invasive way to address missing teeth without using surgery.

For High-Quality Crowns and Bridges in Ipswich

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