Do I Need a Root Canal?

At Ipswich Family Dental Practice in Queensland, we will always encourage you and your family to participate in regular dental checkups at least once a year, but preferably every six months. When dental checkups are performed regularly, a root canal treatment will be far less likely, as these are generally only needed when an infection of your tooth pulp goes unattended. A root canal treatment is basically a deep filling and concerns the nerve endings and ‘pulp’ underneath the tooth. When a crack or hole is untreated, infection can spread to this area and that is when a root canal treatment becomes necessary.


Despite the scary sound of it, with modern technology root canal treatment Is actually virtually painless and, with the right local dentist, it can be performed without much stress or discomfort. The reason why it is associated with pain is because before treatment you may be in lots of pain dealing with the infection. If ignored, these infections can lead to abscesses and further health problems down the line.


Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Signs you may need a root canal treatment are as follows:

  • A hole, chip, or crack in your tooth
  • Significant toothache or pain while chewing or when pressure is applied
  • Tenderness or swelling of the gum area surrounding the tooth
  • Additional swelling around your face and neck
  • An abscess or lesion formed on the gum area surrounding the tooth, similar to a small pimple
  • Extreme sensitivity or pain in your tooth when exposed to either hot or cold food or drink, which lasts beyond the completion of the drink
  • Darkening or discolouration of the tooth


What is Root Canal Therapy?

The steps of a root canal treatment or root canal therapy are as follows:

  • Anaesthesia
  • A small opening is made to access the tooth pulp
  • Dentist makes space for the root canal filling
  • Specially-designed instruments will be used to remove the injured or dead tissue
  • Canals will be medicated
  • Canals are filled with permanent material that is malleable
  • A temporary cover or filling is applied to the top of the tooth
  • If healed, in a separate appointment, a permanent crown or filling will be implemented, sealing the root canal from infection


Choose a Reliable Dentist

Ipswich Family Dental Practice takes great care in how a root canal procedure is performed. We use the highest technology and the safest, cleanest method for each and every client and we pride ourselves on being able to access a healthy oral hygiene routine for the whole family.


With a reliable and friendly dentist like Ipswich Family Dental Practice, root canal therapy doesn’t have to be scary. Book in an appointment online with us today or speak to our professionals at the Ipswich clinic or the Brassall clinic in Queensland today.

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