Do I Need to Redo my Fillings?

Although dental fillings can last a long time, no tooth filling can last forever. There are many signs that your tooth filling may need to be replaced, but if you are unsure, just call on the help of a local family dental clinic like the team here at Ipswich Family Dental Practice. We are a leading kids dentist with practices in Ipswich and Brassall catering to the whole family. We can advise if your tooth cavity filling needs to be redone. Feel free to contact us today and keep an eye out for the signs that your tooth filling needs to be redone.


How Long do Tooth Fillings Last?

On average, tooth fillings last about 15 years. After that point, or if damage occurs before then, they will need to be redone to protect your teeth from further problems. Metal fillings last for about 15 years, whilst gold fillings can last the longest at about 15 to 30 years. Tooth-coloured fillings, made from a mixture of fine glass and plastic particles, are also quite durable. They generally last about 10 to 12 years before needing to be replaced. Signs that your dental filling needs to be replaced include:

  • Your filling is cracked
  • Your tooth hurts
  • You feel sensitivity when you consume hot or cold beverages or food
  • You have gone through an injury or accident
  • Your filling now looks discoloured
  • It has been over 10 years since your filling occurred


Things That Can Affect Your Dental Filling

If you grind your teeth, clench your teeth or have a diet consisting of acidic or hard foods, your tooth cavity filling may wear away. Your teeth are under constant pressure each day and things such as these can lead the filling to chip, crack or wear down. This means that you should not wait for the time to pass before you check on your fillings, but go and see a dentist regularly instead. They can monitor your past dental fillings and let you know if there are signs of them wearing away or when you may need to have them redone. If left unchecked, your old dental fillings could lead to infection or the need for root canal therapy.


Treat Your Tooth Cavity Filling

If you are feeling signs of tooth sensitivity at the filling site, can feel or notice a crack or chip or it has been a significant time since your last dental appointment, please get in touch with your local dentist today. They can easily replace, redo or treat your tooth cavity filling and let you know of any issues that you and your oral hygiene may have.


Leading kids dentist and family practice Ipswich Family Dental Practice is located in Ipswich and Brassall, Queensland. Feel free to contact us today or book an appointment online and we will let you know if and when your tooth filling needs to be replaced.

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