Going Overseas for Dental Work

Going overseas can be a wonderful experience for the whole family. A trip to Bali or Thailand is a fantastic opportunity to experience a different culture, see beautiful sights, and soak up the sun. You can even save yourself some money by purchasing cheap clothes, sunglasses and food.

However, each year some Australians head overseas to get surgeries and dental work. They think that, by having a procedure carried out in a foreign country where there aren’t as many regulations, they can get the same result and save money. Sadly, all too often, people end up getting what they pay for. Botched procedures can result in irreversible damage, and when something as important as your teeth are at stake, that’s a risk that nobody should take.


What Sort of Training Do Australian Dentists Have?

Australian dentists are among the best in the world. Why? Because they have extensive training from established and prestigious institutions. On average, it takes seven years of closely scrutinised training to become an Australian dentist. Even then, you need high scores as a school leaver to even get into dentistry to begin with.

Australian dentists are the brightest minds, with the best training, and the most scrupulous professional practices. That’s the highest level of quality conceivable, and it’s also the standard which overseas dentists who come to Australia are held to. short, when you go to see a dentist in Australia, you’re guaranteed to get top quality care.


What Sort of Training Do Overseas Dentists Have?

When Australians book in to see a dentist in Thailand or Bali, they are often promised that they will receive quality care from well-trained medical practitioners. But is that true? There are few – if any – systems in place to guarantee you’re getting quality care. Sometimes, the dentists will have been disbarred from practicing in another country. Other times, the dentists will merely have been trained in-house as an apprentice. You have no way of knowing for sure.

Some Aussies might get lucky with overseas dental work, with nothing going catastrophically wrong. Those who are less fortunate must suffer terrible consequences and problems.


The Hidden Costs Of Overseas Dental Work

Dental work done overseas might seem less expensive, but is it really? When things go wrong, patients must undergo remedial surgeries. These can be even more expensive than the original procedure, and result in unnecessary pain and hardship.


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