How Teeth Affects Your Self-Confidence

A smile is a person’s most precious and beautiful expression. When someone smiles at you, it brings joy and happiness straight away. Being proud and confident in your smile is a sure way to smile more often and share your positive vibes with the people around you. What then, is the consequence of being self-conscious of your smile?

In this article, we will discuss some of the ways that your teeth can affect your self-confidence.



The most obvious effect of misaligned, discoloured, broken or missing teeth their appearance. In the world of Hollywood, movie and TV stars almost unanimously have great teeth. Furthermore, bad teeth are usually used as a visual device for creating mistrust and mockery about characters. Unfortunately, this carries on into our day-to-day lives, as people tend to notice when others have less than presentable teeth.

If people have heard negative reviews of their teeth because of the way they appear, they may be less inclined to offer big smiles, eat out with others, or look happy in photos.


Pertinent Issues with Maligned and Broken Teeth

Misaligned, broken and missing teeth affect more than just your appearance. Overlapping teeth can be harder to clean and more prone to catching food in crevices, therefore more likely to develop issues relating to the breakdown of enamel and build-up of plaque and tartar.

Broken and missing teeth are a liability because they expose parts of your mouth that would otherwise be shielded to the wear and tear of chewing. Broken teeth can offer avenues for bacteria to form an infection within the jaw, while missing teeth can leave openings for food deposition and accumulation.


Untold Benefits of Straight, White Teeth

Many patients of orthodontics didn’t realise how their dental situation was holding them back until after their treatment was completed. Issues that affect self-consciousness are often issues that get buried deep within the inner monologue. Sometimes, because the problem seems impossible or expensive to correct, the problem becomes a long-lasting part of life.


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