Is it Too Late to Get Braces?

If you are wondering whether it is too late to get braces for your teeth, undertake orthodontic treatment or look into Invisalign options, the answer is most likely ‘no’! Ipswich Family Dental Practice is your local dental professionals in Queensland who are here to explain your options when looking into orthodontics. Whether you’re a teenager, a young adult, adult or you’re approaching seniority, we are the dentist for you. We are happy to explain all of your options and find the solution that is best suited to you. Finally, a local, family dental practice that is dedicated to your health and your confidence! Give us a call today to book an appointment, a consultation or a regular dental checkup. We have dental practices in both Ipswich and Brassall.


Braces for Teens to Late Adults

There is a number of benefits of getting into your orthodontics early, however it is never too late for teeth straightening. It is generally easier to change the growing jaws of children, as it helps to avoid costly surgery or needless extraction later in life to achieve the same result.​ Problems with your child’s jaw growth and unaligned teeth can be predicted long before their permanent teeth come through. This is why it is a popular choice to get dental braces as young as possible, in primary school or in high school.


Achieving your dream smile with straight teeth is no longer only limited to kids and teens, however. Adult orthodontics is now widely accepted, and a large number of adults are now seeking modern treatment options to straighten their smile. As long as your teeth and gums are healthy, we can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Check out our blog on A Beginner’s Guide to Braces.


A Boost of Confidence

Essentially, as well as improved dental hygiene, comfort and avoiding problems later in life, dental braces and teeth straightening procedures really give you a great boost of self-confidence. After braces straighten your teeth, you can proudly smile showing your teeth and no longer feel self-conscious! Our main aim in dental braces and Invisalign is to help our clients achieve the boost of self-esteem they deserve.


Explore Invisalign and Cosmetic Dentistry

We understand that being seen as an adult with metal wires in your mouth can, for some, be embarrassing, irritating or feel not very flattering. That’s why the team at Ipswich Family Dental Practice have invested in Invisalign technology and can correct your teeth positioning with clear, almost undetectable braces.


Book an appointment online with Ipswich Family Dental Practice in Ipswich or Brassall and explore your options with us, from adult braces to kids braces and Invisalign!

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