Why Do We Straighten Our Teeth?

Straight teeth are a common part of looking your best. They’re seen as a beautiful characteristic in human beings, so a lot of us strive to get our teeth as straight as possible. But what are the health benefits of a straighter smile? Why do we and our dentists care so much? We’re here to discuss why a straighter smile is a happier smile.


The Benefits of a Straighter Smile

Straight teeth look amazing, but they can also have numerous benefits on our overall oral health.


Healthy Gums

Gum disease is awful to deal with, and when your teeth aren’t close enough together or are too overly crowded, inflammation occurs. When you find a treatment that helps to straighten your teeth, it closes the gaps in your teeth and makes it easier to fend off gum disease and inflammation.


Easier to Clean Your Teeth

A mouth that’s hard to clean isn’t often at its best. If you can’t reach the spaces around your overly crowded teeth, it makes them more difficult to brush and floss, which results in a build-up of plaque. It’s important in the defence against tooth decay to ensure your smile is straight and easy to clean.


No Abnormal Tooth Wear

If your teeth are rubbing against each other in an abnormal way, it can lead to inefficient chewing and abnormal tooth wear on your enamel. When your teeth are straightened, chewing occurs as it’s meant to, and your teeth will be stronger for it.


Lower Tooth Injury Risk

A straight smile is a strong smile, and if your teeth are crooked or crowded, they are more likely to be damaged if an accident occurs.



Treatment Options on Offer

There are a few different options for straighter teeth available at Ipswich Family Dental Practice, and we’re happy to help you choose the right option.

If you are looking for a tried and tested option that results in dramatic changes over a short period of time, braces are the way to go. Braces are a much better option these days thanks to their shrunken size and tooth-coloured design. If you’re an adult who is concerned about the appearance of braces. We also offer clear aligners that sit over top of your teeth to slowly shift them back into place.


Call Ipswich Family Dental Practice for Teeth Straightening Options

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